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long awaited update [Jul. 30th, 2006|04:22 pm]
[Current Location |st louis]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |clap your hands say yeah - over and over again]

ive been prompted to post (haha thanks alex) so i figured id give a nice little update

ive been living in st. louis all summer doing an internship at a radio station. my internship is AMAZING!! i intern at KSHE95 which was the first fm rock station in the country, its ALOT like Q101 but different play lists. the contacts i have made here have been amazingly valuable..and im seriously considering going into radio when i graduate in the (HOLY SHIT) spring. Im the only paid intern (!!) and the whole thing is just fucking awesome. I only have 2 weeks left and that makes me sad, ive met alot of fabulous people her in st. louis...

St. Louis is nice, im bored alot because i dont know anyone but thats ok. I live with my aunts and they have been awesome, all in all its been a good summer. like a week and a half ago we had a HUGE storm, seriously it was the best storm ive ever seen....but we didnt have power because of it for like 5 days. They say 570,000 people lost power...it was insane. Entire trees were uprooted all the street lights were out, none of the gas stations even had power, and if you were lucky enough to find one that did then you had to wait in line for an hour. so that was interesting..

i have a FABULOUS boyfriend, who is still in carbondale and whom i miss soooo much. His name is Cameron...weve been together for nearly a year now (another holy shit...) Hes been nothing but wonderful to me since the day we met and i am very happy to have him. Im also happy that in 2 weeks im going to be back in carbondale and back with him. I thought this summer would be the ultimate test to our relationship with me in stl...but its been really easy. i go to carbondale every week and a half-two weeks and everytime i go back its been great. They always did say that absense makes the heart grow stronger, and i guess its true.

im going back to carbondale on friday, but this time its to MOVE!! me and lisa get our house!! no more fucking bitch roommates just me and lisa! its going to be wonderful. our house has an awesome sun porch which we have already decided to dedicate to the smoking of marijuana, its going to be glorious. The only thing that sucks is ALL last year cam and i lived across town from each other now we are each moving to the opposite sides of town AGAIN..im gonna live by where he lived last year and hes gonna live by where i lived...so sad. But my house is gonna fuckin rule.

i dont drink anymore..so sad. ive been very good this summer so that hopefully on my 21st (sept 8th!!!) i can get at least a little boozy!

well...thats about all i got for now, hope you all enjoyed that
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summer update [Aug. 11th, 2005|01:49 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |tom petty]

well, since i havent written in here all summer, this may be a long one so bear with me.

lets see, went to cali for my cousins graduation. that was really cool chilled in san diego, mexico, LA..you know how it goes hehe. its really beautiful out there. oh yeah, and i saw matthew perry!!

ive been working at tweeter center all summer, its fuckin awesome. free concerts!! and even better, i get to see them from the skyboxes cuz tahts where i work :) ive seen...reba mcintire, brad paisley (he was so cute!) , toby keith, leeann womack (SO SO SO BORING), don henley, stevie nicks (shes not what she used to be...she cant hit all the notes anymore...thats what all those years of drugs will do to ya..), john fogery (fabulous..hes from CCR from those of you who dont know), JOHN MELLANCAMP (fuckin awesome!!!), TOM PETTY (HIGHLIGHT OF MY SUMMER!!!), black crowes, staind, breaking benjamin, 3 doors down (they played a really short set..i was surprised...), Ozzfest (ugh, that gets its own paragraph..) alan jackson, sara evans, and then tommorrow its megadeath and gigantour..

tweeter center rocked my socks..i got to meet and hang out with a ton of awesome people who im going to miss when im gone. my favorite is my security guard..his name is matt. we hung out in the skyboxes for all of tom petty. i like to consider it our first date lol. hes really hot and really funny and i wish i had met him earlier so we could have hung out all summer when im hanging out with him i have alot of fun. he gives me butterflies in my tummy and no one has done that in a long time. and hes so easy and fun to talk to...i really like him too bad tommorrow is both of our last days :(

i suppose now i till talk about ozzfest...it was a fuckin sausage fest. there were barely any girls there, so i got hit on by every single guy there. it was so horrible, i ended up getting a team of two security guys assigned to me to get guys off of me. drunk guys would corner me and hit on me and when they would finally leave, another group of guys would come over and corner me. i was getting so pissed it was awful. but go figure, i met the love of my life at ozzfest. his name was ken, he was like the only other person besides me who hates death metal and really didnt want to be there, so he jsut hung out with me all night. i chilled with him for like 6 hours. hes a fire fighter..hes 23 (i kinda lied and said i was 20 already...lol) he flirted with me all night and he was so sweet to me. i cant stop thinking about him. he asked me out but then later he went to go give me his # and i lost it. im still really upset about it. his friend had his phone so he had to give me his number so i said id call him in 2 min when he caught up to his friends so my # would be in his phone and i had every intention of doing it 300% ....so he walked away and i hadnt saved the number yet when someone else came up to talk to me and on reflex i shut my phone. i lost the number. im still soooo upset about it. me and emily at work spent like 3 days calling every number that it might be...cuz i only remembered the first digit and the last 4...but it was to no avail. it fuckin sucks. i really really liked this guy. go figure.

work was good. yesterday was my last day and it was really sad. casey made me two fuckin awesome cd's. im going to miss her, and emily, and craig, and maria, and manny, everyone really. i got to hang out with my friend emily alot, we were friends when we were little but she lives up in skokie and im in OP so we never saw each other but i had a really awesome summer with her. ill miss her :(

my friends here are gay. i havent hung out with anyone in over a month. except for kenny. its all because of claire...that stupid bitch. god i hate her, she needs to stop acting like shes still in high school...or jr high. dumb bitch. hannah is having a goodbye party for me on saturday...im not sure how many people are gonna show up lol..im also not sure who i even want to show up. its my last summer here at home thank god. ill miss my family but thats it. and work..both my jobs. but not the rest of the people here. they are all so ridiculous. ive made alot of good friends this summer but they all live in like tinley park...or skokie...and thats so far. i already drive so much..

i went to a bar one night and i got to hang out with alex dengel...anyone remember him? from oprf? fuckin HOT. i saw him and i was like holy shit, i need to dance with him. and the ppl i was with were like yeah you cant hes out of your league blah blah, bitch please. i danced with him all night, he bought me drinks we talked at the bar for a while. omg hes so hot. i even have my pic with him lol, he asked me for my phone number but his phone was dead so he had to write it on some scrap reciept and then he lost it. bummer. but its ok, hes so gorgeous ill settle for what i got. :) esp since ive thought he was hot for like 6 years or soemthing. way to go me.

well thats all for now, i need to go back to packing, i move into my house on monday! im excited. except im so unbelievably sad that heidi isnt going to be there this year...i dont know what i will do with out her :'(
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interviews :) [May. 2nd, 2005|04:58 pm]
1. What do you wanna do after college?
2. What should we do when we hang out in Chicago?
3. What's your favorite alcoholic drink?
4. What's your favorite color?
5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

1. Im going to move to nashville to work in the music industry and hopefully be an audio recording engineer :)
2. We should rock the town. haha i dont even know but it will be awesome
3. This is such a hard one, im gonna say southern comfort. straight.
4. Yellow!!
5. I would be able to read minds
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2005|10:52 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |the tv]

SO, i found out from kube last night that brett has had a girlfriend this ENTIRE time. boys suck.
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2005|09:11 pm]
[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |nickel creek]

last night was pretty cool. we went to go see coal train at hangar, that is always fun. :) mr beattie was there! so was his wife delayna, i love them they are so awesome. brett was there too. hottttt as usual. we didnt do anythign bc the beatties live right next door to him, and they came and left the bar together and i dont think that me goin home with him/them woulda been such a fabulous idea. i also think i might have been kinda mean to brett at the bar...opps stupid me, hopefully he will not hate me forever because then i will be sad. but ugh i got so drunk. basically every guy in the bar seemed to wanna get with me, and apparently the way they were gonna do this was by getting me drunk. so i got SOO many free drinks it was unbelieveable. i was so drunk it wasnt even funny. but ha to those stupid boys, i didnt get with any of them, i just took their money. ima bitch and i love it. but anyways, i had a really good time. i am really going to miss southern...its such good times and such good people. only one week left ;( i dont want to leave. especially not heidi, because she is going to north carolina forever next year...its the end of an era here at siu. thats for sure.
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2005|03:39 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |my violin concerto]

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done (while intoxicated, or not, if that applies lol)? holy shit...this is pretty much the hardest question anyone has ever asked me. i cant even think of just one so im going to say the time i was wasted with beer and carl and some other guy and i ran across the street and landed right in a huge puddle of mud, and my shoe got stuck at the bottom and i just stood over it pointing and yelling so that they would get my shoe out for me. it was hilarious, they still make fun of me for it.
2. Who's your favorite musical artist of all time? (and you can only name ONE!!!) JACKSON BROWNE!
3. What do you plan to do after you graduate from SIU? I want to work at a recording studio as a recording engineer
4. What is the quadratic formula? (yeah, I'm running out of ideas...) um...a2+b2=c2? or is it that -b+/- squareroot of b2 yada yada, fuck if i know lol. its been like two years since ive done anything math related hehe
5. How is your dad doing after his accident? my dad is doing really well, hes pretty much healed but he still has to go to see doctors alot. thanks for asking :)
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2005|06:36 pm]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |eli the barrow boy - the decemberists]

wow theres just so much to write about.

i went to a bbq that mr beattie had two weekends ago, it was alot of fun. brett was there, he lives in beatties building, he was so hot. he gave me beers! lol, so did chris allen, the guitar professor who was there. it was awesome especially because im obviously not 21. brett told me later that everyone stayed there until like 11 at night (me and heidi left at 5 to go to cave fest, and i was already drunk!) and like the band coal train was there and the bass player got so drunk that he fell over in the middle of the song and his bass broke. fuckin hilarious, sucks that his bass broke but its all gonna be alright so its hilarious. then afterwards we went to cavefest bc our friend jesse was spinning there and he wanted us to see him, and since he always fixes my computer we were like alright. so we went, and they should have called it drugfest, not cavefest. it was the most ridiculous thing ever, people were openly selling pieces and pipes and pot and acid and X. it was insane, the cops didnt even bother being there bc they would have had to arrest EVERYONE there. me and andy went up to get food at one point, and i found a gigantic box of weed. i wanted to take it but then the guy who's it was came up and took it, lol. but yeah...that night was insane. ive never been so fucked up in my life, it was good times though

then all of last week was SO hectic. my mommy and daddy came down for the symphony concert, that was awesome, i missed them. we went out to dinner at this new thai restaurant that was delicious, and then we went to get coffee afterwards, and then they took me and heidi to breakfast inthe morning and it was awesome. i love my parents! i was so happy they came. but the week was hectic, i had orchestra sunday 7-10, monday 7-10 tuesday inthe morning 9-11 and then the concert from 730-10, then wednesday from 5-730 and thursday night another concert from 5-8. it was terrible, i was so tired and grumpy. plus i still had to practice violin for my jury AND piano for my applied piano final. i was about to tear my hair out lol. but its all over now, except jury and piano. i practiced for 4 hours yesterday it was insane, but i got so much accomplished that im really happy about it. maybe ill actually be prepared for my lesson tommorrow!

dan from the studio died last thursday. its really sad, i think my daddy is really sad even though hes trying to act like hes cool. the funeral was last night and there is an irish funeral tonite in evanston, kenny is gonna go. so thats cool and good, he worked with dan the whole time he worked at the studio and dan took special care of him bc he know that we were friends. its just really sad, he was really young and just had a heart defect. :'(

i went home this past weekend, i had to go for job orientation for the job at tweeter. that was cool, i got to hang out with jeff and i havent seen him in a really long time, so thats cool. the job should be pretty fun, im really lookin forward to it and hopefully i will be making alot of money this summer! cuz i definately need its! then i partied bc it was kennys 21st birthday on sunday. that was fun, i got pretty drunk, as usual hehe. good times.

thats about it really....only about 2 weeks left, its really sad. im going to miss everyone here so much. ESPECIALLY heidi :'( i plan on comin down to cdale a few times over the summer to visit but its just not gonna be the same...next year isnt gonna be the same, i cant imagine southern with out her.
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oh shit. [Apr. 22nd, 2005|02:25 am]
oh shit. ill write more tommorrow but all i can say is oh shit.

so lost...
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(no subject) [Apr. 12th, 2005|06:37 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |the decemberists - eli, the barrow boy]

well, i havent written in here in a while so i dont really know where to begin...yesterday was the last trip to nashville. it went really well, im very happy with it :) me and aileen presented our project and that went alright. i hate presenting anything, and this time was like more stressful because the panel we had to present to were all people who actually work in the industry, one was a professional songwriter, on was an audio engineer, and i forget the other two, but it was big time stuff. Brett talked to me alot the whole trip...hes so hot. he made fun of me because a bum was hitting on me. and then on the way home he asked me if i wanted to watch family guy with him because he had brought his portable dvd player! and i was like yeah! so we watched some family guy, including my faaaavorite episode (the willy wonka one!) and then we messed around for a long time. it was HOT HOT HOT. i enjoyed it very much lol. and so did he ;) and then we got back to c'dale and he asked his friend pat to give me a ride home so that was cool, it was nice of him...something i didnt expect and i like pat alot hes really cool. so i dunno how things are gonna go for the rest of the year with him, i think everything will be cool, and that we are at a place where we both understand what the deal is, so he wont have to act like an ass for the next four weeks..but i dunno...heres to hoping. i guess the beatties (my piano teacher and his wife) went to hangar on saturday night with brett and he told them that i was proly gonna be there (bc i go there all the time) and i guess he was disappointed that i wasnt. and he also told me that he was gonna go to tim and dans that night, and he knows that i go there all the time. i wish i didnt like him...i want to be with him all the time and i dont even know why. it isnt like he is particularly nice to me or anything...really our personalities are too similar, i dont think it would ever work out...he is always trying to one up me, and prove me wrong. and thats what I do to people so i cant handle when people do it to me, it drives me nuts...like the whole fuckin pavlovs dogs thing...lol.

i just dont know about anything anymore. i saw the love of my life today lol, he smacked me on the ass with his umbrella. i liked it alot haha. hes SO HOT! shit i gotta go to orchestra now..balls. oh! my familia is proly comin to my concert next week!!! YAY!!

AND!!! I GOT THE JOB AT TWEETER CENTER!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!! i have to go back to opizzle in two weeks for orientation but thats cool beans.
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this is exactly how i feel now...blah [Apr. 12th, 2005|09:48 am]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |brian webb - a ballad of her]

when i wrap myself around you
breathe your name in eager time
even you believe you love me
even i believe your only mine

and when you bury your head
where my shoulder meets my neck
i'd trade a moment of your attention
for a lifetime of regret
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